ORNANS Membership

ORNANS Group at National 2019ORNANS is an active provincial association which hosts an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Education Day at the end of each fiscal year.  Being actively involved in ORNANS provides you with the following opportunities:
  • Recognition for attendance at meetings and/or participation in ORNANS activities.
  • Financial assistance available for educational purposes if funding guidelines are met.  This financial assistance is available for CNA Certification, CNA Re-certification, Provincial, Atlantic and National Operating Room Conferences.
  • Celebration and promotion of Perioperative Nurses during Perioperative Nurses week held each November.
  • The opportunity to network with other Perioperative Nurses who share a common passion.
  • Active participation with NSCN as a special interest group.

Membership Information
  • To become a member, visit: ORNAC.CA. Once on ORNAC website, go to “Membership > Join Today!”.
  • Membership is for one year, starting the day you pay your fee.
  • All ORNAC members automatically become members of ORNANS.
  • Dues collected annually, please join by Dec 31st.
  • Active members must work in a perioperative setting and must have a current ORNANS registration.
  • All ORNANS members automatically receive the Canadian Operating Room Nursing Journal when dues are paid by December 31st.
  • Other disciplines associated with Peri-Operative Nursing may join as an Associate.
Nova Scotia College of Nursing (NSCN)